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Experience Exceptional Fashion Illustration Services with 3D Cube

3D Cube Agency specializes in fashion illustration, providing precise and skillful services using modern technologies. Fashion illustration is crucial in portraying and interpreting fashion concepts, and 3D Cube aims to be the ideal partner for companies seeking clinical perfection in their fashion design requirements.



Outsourcing fashion illustrations to experts can increase workflow efficiency and save money while achieving desired results. Fashion illustrations create an intimate experience that captures the nuances of body gestures and transforms fashion items into objects of desire.

3D Cubes understands the importance of fashion illustration and has a team of experienced fashion illustrators who can create custom illustrations, paintings, sketches, and drawings according to your requirements.

 By delegating fashion illustration to 3D Cubes, you can focus on your ideas while they provide you with the palette and expertise to create stunning fashion illustrations.


Explore Our Fashion Illustration Services and Offerings

Digital fashion illustration drawings have helped reduce waste and allowed designers to study form, fit, and function without constructing the ensemble. We have experience working with international fashion houses and provide an editorial and design perspective that many companies lack. Our services include designing and visualizing garments and accessories, bringing your ideas to life in a precise and efficient manner.

  • Fashion Figure Illustrations


Our fashion illustrators bring out the intricate details of fabric and accessories to enhance designs. We can also create stylized body postures and proportions as templates for clothing and accessory design.

  • Fashion Flat Illustrations


documentation and pattern-making purposes. Our flat illustrations are created with precision and attention to detail to ensure they accurately reflect the design, fabric, and construction of the garment.

  • Technical Flat Illustrations


“As part of our fashion and beauty illustration services, we offer highly technical flat illustration services. With these illustrations, we draw the viewer’s attention to all the technical fashion details and techniques using 360° viewpoints. 


We create nuanced technical flats for figures, garments, fabrics, footwear, materials, metals, and much more.”

  • Stitch Type Illustrations


As part of our distinguished fashion Illustration services, we rely on our experience in working with fashion and clothing manufacturers to illustrate different stitch types as per your requirement. All our stitch illustrations are typified by their uncluttered, highly magnified, and crisp display.


 Based upon your request, we can adapt the technical flats provided by you or created by us and use our detail-oriented approach for accurate sizing, accessory, and footwear manufacturing. This service includes illustrations detailing design, actual components, and overall technical attributes from multiple perspectives.


All our fashion illustration services are hallmarked by the following –


  1. A wide range of illustration styles to match your need
  2. Custom, original illustrations
  3. First proof within 2 working days or sooner
  4. Final artwork supplied in any desired format
  5. All rights (Copyrights) held by the client

Why Outsource Fashion Illustration Services


Partnering with 3D Cube for fashion illustration services means you gain access to world-class illustration services with stringent quality control measures. Here are some benefits of partnering with us:

Industry-best pricing: that is relevant and easy to customize for businesses and students across the globe.

Experienced fashion illustrators: who can work on highly specific requirements, including size, shape, color, body proportions, cloth materials, and textures, while incorporating their design flair.

Scalable design schemes: include original fashion designs, standardized drawings, full-color paintings, and simple mock-ups, among others.

Quick turnaround time: with the ability to deliver images ahead of time if needed.

High-quality fashion illustrations: ISO 9001:2015 certified illustration methods, are perfect for fashion students and upstart design professionals looking to build extensive portfolios.

Highly equipped infrastructure: that is safe and secure to handle all types of fashion illustration projects.

Assured design integrity: with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation and industry-standard privacy and copyright regulations.

Round-the-clock support: ensures your concerns are resolved on priority.


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Our fashion illustration services help bring your fashion ideas to life and accommodate client inputs, providing a clear platform to convey your concepts. With expert designers creating drawings and sketches, you can preview a fore-design of your cloth, and clients can suggest improvements before production, saving time and cost.

Our fashion illustration agency provides tailor aid through the use of flats and technical drawings. These sketches offer detailed illustrations of clothes without a fashion figure, croquis, or templates. Our focus is on the intricate parts of an apparel design that need extra attention from the tailor’s end.

By choosing our efficient fashion illustration company, your tailors can create high-quality, perfect, professional apparel.

Custom design gives you the freedom to create a design that perfectly aligns with your vision. By expressing your thoughts and ideas, our designers will bring your vision to life. Get your custom stationery design here and let us help you create a design that truly represents your unique identity.

We offer a range of affordable fashion illustration services that cater to the needs and requirements of our customers. At 3D Cube, we understand the significance of fashion illustration in apparel making and fashion designing, and therefore, provide multiple options for our clients. Our popular services include:

  • fashion flats
  • fashion figures
  • stitch type
  • technical flats

all created by our expert professionals using the latest software and techniques. With meticulous attention to detail and creativity, we promise to deliver exemplary services that showcase your prowess in the field and impress your clients and manufacturers.

“Looking for a reliable fashion illustration company? Look no further than 3D Cubes. Our team can handle any project, no matter the size or type, from fashion magazines and advertising to educational purposes and fashion design. With years of experience across various niches, we’re experts in the field and can provide you with exceptional professional services. 

Whether you have a specific vision in mind or need creative input, we can help bring your ideas to life. Trust us to deliver the most innovative and precise fashion illustrations for your brand.”


Packages that give you maximum value at minimum budget

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Partnership is at our core. Our client relationships are about more than just the work we do, they are a huge part of who we are. At Logo Design Valley, we consider the success of our clients as a barometer of how successful we are. Have a look at some excellent customer reviews below.

3DCube exceeded our expectations. They really understood our needs and amaze us with their creative solutions for our website design and development. They are a great bunch of people and genuinely care about my business and the services they are delivering.


Assistant Manager

3DCube exceeded our expectations. They really understood our needs and amaze us with their creative solutions for our website design and development. They are a great bunch of people and genuinely care about my business and the services they are delivering.



I am very happy and satisfied with the services and products that 3DCube has delivered. I was incredibly nervous about building a website for my small business but their support team was very patient. Especially impressed with their quick responses to queries



My logo was exactly the same what I had imagine. Clear, Creative, Stylish and Unique. You cannot ask more of them. They give it all. Their concepts were very amazing and relevant. Good customer service and fast turnaround time. I am thrilled. Thanks to the 3DCube Team.

John Doe

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