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    Book Cover Brief Form

    Book Cover Brief Form

    Creative Book cover Brief

    About the book:

    Provide the following information to help your designer understand what the book is about and what the cover needs to convey:


    Part I: Cover Image


    Part II: Cover Design

    This is the place to provide all of your specific design requirements. The printing service you choose should be able to provide you with a template that shows measurements for trim size, safe zone, spine folds, bleed, barcode placement, etc. They should also give you a list of file requirements that your designer can follow to ensure optimal printing.

    Front Cover - Must include:

    Maximum upload size: 25MB
    The title: ___________________________ (specify where the title should be placed)
    Subtitle: _____________________________ (indicate where the subtitle should appear)
    Author’s name: __________________________ (specify where it should appear)

    Spine - Must include (Please check):

    Maximum upload size: 25MB

    Back Cover - Must include:

    Maximum upload size: 25MB
    While you may not have answers to all of these questions, it's important that you verbalize as much of your vision as possible, so we have something to work with and there will be a better chance of ending up with a book cover you love in a short time.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out our Book cover Brief Questionnaire!