The Importance of SEO for your Business

If you have heard about digital marketing in general, you may also have heard the word SEO. You may know that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, if you know that’s wonderful. But let’s dive deeper to truly understand what SEO really is? And what is its significance in the digital world?

What Is SEO?

SEO in simple words is your visibility and online presence in the search engines. When a person types in a query in the search engine and hit enter different results shows up, ranking your website to the relevant search engine queries and the keyword is known as Search Engine Optimization. This means that the better the SEO the better the ranking of your website and as a result, it drives more traffic to your website, which improves the chances of providing the services or product to a larger audience.SEO is the constitute of different strategies, actions, and best practices that have a common goal of improving the website’s ranking in the search engines.

It is true that rarely do any of us wander off the second, third, or tenth page of the search engine results. Most of us choose the results on the first page and even in that the maximum traffics falls on the first 3 ranking websites. So, that’s how powerful SEO is.

Now Imagine a potential customer type in the search engine query that is relevant to what your business has to offer, wouldn’t you like to be on the first page of the search engine along with the competitors. Well if you are not on that list, it’s high time that your business could have used SEO for its website which could have resulted in the conversions of your potential customers.

Types Of SEO

SEO has two types which are On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The on-page SEO as the name suggests is solely anything that is related to the pages of your website and that is in your control on-site to improve your ranking on the search engines. The main factors that are part of on-page SEO are site speed, keywords, header text, image optimization, meta descriptions, etc. whereas off-page SEO are the activities that are done other than your website, it may be on other websites, social media, etc. Off-page SEO is basically about link generation to your website. 

SEO is a long-term and ongoing process that requires knowledge, patience, and implementation of on-page and off-page strategies to improve the ranking of your website in search engines. The site which has the most collective power of all the factors compared to the other website that ranks #1 on the search engine.

How Does SEO work

The better optimize your site’s front end and back ends the better will be your ranking in the search engines, getting you more quality traffic that helps you build your business. The key elements that are part of the SEO data-driven approach are: 

  • keyword analysis
  • backlink building
  • Content creation

Let’s see how these elements mold SEO in the digital marketing world.

Keyword Analysis

Your words are the most powerful tool, they have the capability of controlling the ranking online. Keywords are words or phrases that are used by people most frequently in the search engine query. Keywords help in strategizing the relevance of your business to a particular search engine query so that the next time a person types a particular query in the search bar, your site comes up in the results. 

Backlinks are the elements or hyperlinks that create a link between your website and the other credible, higher-quality websites that are mentioned on your site for relevance or credibility. Backlinks can be used in citing the resources for the original research or information that is extracted from the other site. In the SEO world, plagiarism is taken seriously and it can be a problem if the quality of your content is not up to the SEO standards of Search engines. SEO experts have to keep all the factors in their mind while strategizing the SEO plan in long term.

The content on your website must be fruitful because it is the means of communication for your business to the existing and the potential customers. The keywords and the quality content can make your website soar in the search engines, it can allow you to build credibility, authority, and trust among your business, audiences, and search engines.

The most common types of content that are used on the websites include:

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Social media posts

How SEO can help your Business

Trust building with customers

The user experience(UX) and SEO of your website run parallel to each other, it won’t be wrong to say that they are interdependent on each other a website is incomplete without the absence of one and they both have to be optimized. User experience is basically the customer journey and interaction of a customer with your website. As the customer experiences a positive journey it automatically results in getting more website traffic and engagement which impacts the SEO.organically building trust with the user experience on the website is a time taking process but in the end, it is all worth it. How it can helo your climb up the Search engine results page(SERP) ladder.

Good users experience demands easy navigation through the site. The business persona must be reflected through the colors, web design, and tone of the site helping in branding and providing the best experience possible to the customers.

When the customer get what they desire from your site, you have established yourself as a credible and trusted source. And if your website cannot meet the requirements and needs of customers your SEO will be compromised. It will be a winning situation when you successfully provide your audience with a platform where their needs are met, it can be met by providing them with products, services, information, etc. If a site starts building trust amongst customers then you are on the climb to the top.

More Visibilty= More Customers

SEO is the gateway to organically growing the visibility of your website when a customer searches for a query based on their needs, the keywords related to your business comes into play. When you become a credible and trusted source for your customers, the engagements soar helps in increasing awareness resulting in the conversion of potential customers into customers.

Knowing your audience is more important than anything, getting to know what they are looking for by conducting the keyword research helps get insights into the customer’s needs. This is where local SEO comes into play it uses the exact geographical location for example when a customer searches “restaurants near me” you will be targeting the keyword-based on the close proximity of your location. This is how local SEO helps in increasing your online visibility.

SEO and Digital marketing 

We understand that SEO can be overwhelming and requires a lot of time and patience. It can be hard to define where to start? and if we start are we putting the efforts in the right directions? So, the digital marketing experts at 3d Cube Agency are here to help you.

We follow the best practices of the industry that are data-oriented focusing all our time and efforts on generating the content for your website that will help you generate positive results. Data always tells the truth and we are experts in using the data for the benefit of your particular needs.

We use White-Hat SEO to optimize your website. We prefer white hat SEO over Black-Hat SEO. Whereas black hat shows quick results it is not very credible and is risky by using techniques such as keyword stuffing etc. Search engines are regularly updated and they penalize such tactics that are trying to trick them. This results in more harm than the benefit that can impact your SEO significantly. Let us help you create authority, trust, and credibility on the search engine while using ethical SEO.

 Do You Need SEO?

 Absolutely YES! To grow your business in the digital world is impossible without being visible to the world. If you don’t exist digitally you simply do not exist. SEO simply equips your business with the tools to communicate what your business has to offer to the people looking for their particular needs.

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